Real Time Water Quality Trailer

Portable real time water quality measurments.

  • Nitrate-nitrogen.
  • Total suspended solids.
  • Dissolved oxygen.
  • Electrical conductivity.
  • Stream level.
  • Stream temperature.


  • Real time uploads to the BBIFMAC website.
  • Secure log-in system.
  • Portable trailer for either long-term or short-term measurments.
  • Solar powered 24v/12v system.
  • Controlled by a Campbell Scientific CR1000 datalogger.
  • Vaccuum pump with 20m head suction.
  • 180db antenna and low data consumption.
  • Pressurised air blast lens cleaning.
  • Trios Nico or Opus spectrophotometer.
  • Reservour stilling chamber to reduce water turbulence.
  • Physical access to spectrophotometer lens for hard cleaning.
  • Countless usage applications. Available in trailer and box mounted configurations.


    At a pre-programmed interval, typically hourly, water located at the trailers inlet is passed through a conductivity meter and a spectrometer for analysis. A pressure depth sensor is situated near the inlet to provide water depth and temperature measurements which has a range of 0.2m - 20m water level. Data is then uploaded directly for viewing on the BBIFMAC website. Only relevent parties are able to gain access to this data.

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