Our Organisation

BBIFMAC promotes an integrated, strategic and community-driven approach to the management of natural resources. We provide a range of services to support the sustainable development of primary industries and the local economy for the long term benefit of present and future generations. The area covered by the committee is the floodplains in the Bowen and Burdekin Shires, embracing the lower catchments of the Bogie, Don, Elliot, Burdekin and Haughton Rivers.


  • ◽ Provide a forum for free and open stakeholder discussion on regional NRM issues

  • ◽ Provide advice to the community, industry and government on regional NRM matters

  • ◽ Assist local farmers, residents and organisations to progress local NRM objectives

  • ◽ Draw attention to important local and regional NRM issues

  • ◽ Facilitate cooperation and coordination of organisations and stakeholders involved in NRM activities

  • ◽ Communicate NRM matters to the community to raise awareness and increase understanding

  • 1. Provide integrated natural resource management (NRM) services in the Burdekin-Bowen Floodplain

  • 2. Coordinate NRM activities through existing networks and partnerships

  • 3. Improve regional delivery arrangements for NRM across the local area

  • 4. Improve communications and cooperative efforts

  • 5. Promote sustainable NRM principles and outcomes in the Burdekin-Bowen Floodplain
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