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KP Water Sampler

This KP Water Sampler is a cost-effective solution to obtaining composite water samples. A 12v brushless water pump is powered by a 12 volt lead acid battery and is controlled with a 555 timing board. This timing board is fully programmable with water collection intervals through an infared remote. The pump is triggered by a water-level float switch.

  • Built in 12v self-priming diaphram pump with pressure switch.
  • Infared programmable relay timer with remote.
  • Pump ON time and OFF time selections.
  • Magnetic water detection float switch.
  • Australian engineered alluminium float bracket.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) casing.
  • IP66 rating.
  • Durable in high temperature and humidity environments.
  • Adjustable output volumes.
  • Lightweight and portable, total weight is less than 4kg.
  • Variable suction line lengths available.
  • Extremely low power consumption.


  • 1x KP water sampling unit.
  • 1x 12v 9AH lead acid battery (charger not included).
  • 1x Infared programming remote (battery not included).
  • 1x 700mm star picket.
  • Tinted 2L glass bottle - meets labratory pesticide requirements.
  • 1x Mounting rack.
  • 1x Mounting rack bracket.

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