BBIFMAC is a not-for-profit, community-based natural resource management (NRM) organisation based in the Burdekin, whose primary role is to provide project management and technical skills to assist individuals and organisations to achieve improved sustainability and environmental outcomes.
BBIFMAC has been operating in the Burdekin for more than 20 years and has successfully implemented many community engagement, capacity building and natural resource management projects.
BBIFMAC's expertise includes project management, community engagement, design and implementation of research trials, water quality monitoring, monitoring equipment design, construction and installation. BBIFMAC staff have worked on many projects with the “whole of system” approach addressed from farmer engagement and extension, to farm management and monitoring the downstream affects of current practices as well as practice change.
BBIFMAC has developed several specialised water quality monitoring instruments. Over the years we have installed and employed several hundred units on sites from Cape York to Murwillumbah, Northern NSW. We are very aware of the various hydrologic pathways leading to chemical and fertiliser loss from farmland catchments and have been heavily involved in tracing these movements.
BBIFMAC is a trusted community NRM agency with no bias, and is focused on assisting the farming community to remain viable by adopting best management practices for agronomic, economic and environmental sustainability. The area covered by BBIFMAC is the floodplains from Bowen to Giru, embracing the lower catchments of the Bogie, Don, Elliot, Burdekin and Haughton Rivers.

Over the last 10 years BBIFMAC has taken a particular interest in water quality monitoring. The focus of the water quality monitoring has been nutrient and pesticide levels in irrigation and rainfall runoff leaving sugarcane farms.
BBIFMAC has pioneered the development of portable Real Time Water Quality monitoring systems for collecting and analysing farm runoff and more recently developed a low cost, in-paddock auto-sampler (KP Sampler). Both the Real Time Water Quality Monitoring systems and the in-paddock sampling stations have been deployed extensively.

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