Why become a member?

If you live in the Burdekin-Bowen region, or your group operates in the Burdekin-Bowen region, then you can become a member of the Burdekin Bowen Integrated Floodplain Management Advisory Committee Inc (BBIFMAC).

Membership is $20 per year for individuals or $50 for organisations. There are mulitiple year and pensioner discounts also available. Membership application forms are available from the office or by emailing: secretary@bbifmac.org.au

There are many benefits to being a member of BBIFMAC, including:

  • Free or discounted water tests (depending on the test required),

  • Discounted water quality testing equipment (EC meters, KP samplers etc)

  • Latest information on grants available to individuals and organisations

  • Assistance with completing grant applications

  • Invitations to key events of interest in or around the Burdekin and Bowen areas.

Being a member of BBIFMAC also enables you to:


  • Inform the community about important NRM issues by attending and speaking at BBIFMAC meetings
  • Have your say on important matters that affect your region by voting at meetings


  • Attend BBIFMAC meetings and hear about the latest NRM activities in the area
  • Receive newsletters and other information of interest on NRM
  • Gain access to BBIFMAC resources, including hard copies of publications, or electronic documents that can be forwarded upon request
  • Receive notice of funding opportunities available to the community


  • Get in on the ground floor of the regional arrangements where future funding opportunities will be directed
  • Be able to get involved in on-ground projects
  • Preserve your family's future financial security & lifestyle by ensuring sustainable production and preservation of our region's natural resources.